Grant Writing Course

Use Existing Skills to Become a Great Grant Writer with Samples of Winning Proposals

Dr. Shandra Terrell-Williams is offering an online Grant Writing course that is rich in content, quality and learning material. The course information, format and objectives are below along with the link to register for the course. Learn proven strategies to write excellent grant proposals, enhance your resume, and increase job opportunities.

Register for the course at:  Grant Writing Course  

(Actual link)


This is a self-paced course. There is an initial 10 minute overview and a $10.50 materials fee. Participants should take this training if they want to learn proven strategies to write an excellent grant proposal. It is also useful for individuals who may not have had success with funding proposals and want to enhance their existing skills to improve their next proposal. You will have the opportunity to download more than twenty (20) videos and documents to review later on your own time.


There is an initial 10 minute course overview session. You are not required to maintain a required schedule. The remaining time is spent working on your own and there are no exams. There is no set time to complete the course. There are optional (group) conference calls so that Dr. Tererrell-Williams may respond to questions.

Participants are able to download more than twenty (20) videos and documents to review on their own time. Participants will receive (1) a copy of a funded proposal and (2) a sample of each proposal section (also from funded proposals).

Objectives – In this course, you will learn:

(1) basic knowledge of what a proposal is and general information about how to locate grant applications
(2) how to write a clear summary or abstract
(3) how to read and understand directions and scoring rubrics within the instructions
(4) how to use data to present a strong needs assessment
(5) how to write clear goals and objectives
(6) general information about how to put together your plan of action and timeline.
(7) basic strategies for writing the budget
(8) a strategy to write the evaluation section


Dr. Terrell-Williams also started a group for Emerging Grant Writers on LinkedIn:  Visit and join and help enhance your Grant Writing skill sets.

Continued Success!!

Dr. Culbreth

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